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08-25-07: Johnson finally decided to paint it the same color as the Ivo Showboat 4-engine car after he saw that car finished. Johnson made the decision on Tuesday the 7th of August. By Friday he had the correct paint ordered and had prevailed upon his body shop pal, Tim Pombert, to prep and paint it. I said, "Should be no problem, you have over a week to do it". Then he was able to contact Bob Thompson, who did the gold leaf on the 4-motor and Joe Passelaqua's Smirnoff and he agreed to do the lettering on a timely basis. Joe Passelacqua helped by providing his "studio" for Bob to work in.

Here the car was ready to go to Glendora to be loaded into the NHRA Museum trailer and go to Indy for the US Nationals Cacklefest.



Indianapolis, IN August 29 - September 03, 2007: One of the few things drag racers will almost unanimously agree on is that the U.S.Nationals was, is and always will be the premier event of drag racing. Period. Although much has changed over the last 53 years, Indy still codgers up emotions felt nowhere else. For many those emotions were steeped by the invitation only Cacklefest dubbed the "Select Sixteen".


On Friday 10 of cars, including the Barnstormer, were taken to Don Schumacher Racing Open House on Nitro Alley in Indy for static fire-ups. It was a highlight of a great day that raised $17,000 for Riley Hospital for Children. Steve Gibbs and the NHRA Museum staff were very gracious to participate along with several prominent Midwestern cars.


Howard Haight filled in for TV Tommy Ivo in the "Barnstormer."




For the first time ever there were two Cacklefest's held at one event - one on Saturday evening and one on Monday prior to all the final rounds using two different formats. Saturday night, all the cars were paraded and then lined up in front of the grandstand, facing away, so the noise and fumes would go to the fans in the stands. On a signal, they all lit up at once and ran as long as possible. On Monday all the cars were lined up on the track beyond the finish line, half the cars in the right lane and half in the left. They were push started one at a time and were stopped aiming at the edge of the track. For both events, the fans went NUTS!


At the US Nationals Ron Johnson's "Ivo Barnstormer" got a prime spot showing off its new paint/lettering job.


Tommy Ivo was unable to attend the Nationals so Top Fuel pilot Howard Haight filled in for both Cacklefest sessions.




Jim Coffey. an engineer in R & D for MacDonalds, came all the way from the Western suburbs of Chicago in his '57 Ranchero to be a volunteer push car.





The car made its next appearance in Escondido, CA on September 16th with Ivo in the seat for the 5th Annual Escondido Night of Fire. Thousands showed up to see, hear and smell the two cacklecar sessions staged by 19 cars.







October 12-14, 2007 - Bakersfield, CA and the California Hot Rod Reunion when the Barnstormer, in full dress, made its official Cacklefest debut at the granddaddy of them all. It's first call to duty was a fire-up following the Honorees Ceremony at the Double Tree Hotel on Friday night.


Prior to the activities Zane Shubert, Ron Johnson, Ron Goodsell, Bob Meyer, unknown and Tom Ivo gathered for a shot. There's about 450 years of drag racing history in this photo.


The Barnstormer was one of five (the most ever) to have their official coming out party at the Double Tree.





After attending the Honoree Awards, Tom Ivo is poised and ready in the Barnstormer.


Kol Johnson backed the engine down.


Ron Johnson fired the Chrysler hemi.








Back at the track......


The Barnstormer in its cozy home prior to coming out to play.





Ex Top Fuel driver Don Ewald tries out the seat - perfect fit.


The Barnstormer with Johnson's other car - Shubert & Herbert - in the background.


On Saturday the car was parked in the Justice Brothers Display in the The Grove with Swamp Rat 6 and Mooneyes. All three cars were part of the U. S. Drag Racing Team which went to England in 1964. The remaining members of the team had jointly received the Justice Brothers "TV Tommy Ivo" Spotlight Award the night before during the awards ceremony. Tommy Ivo was set up near the cars handing out specially created posters which he was signing for his fans.





Cacklefest proper kicked off Saturday evening before a full house with a parade and introduction of the 64 participants including Tom Ivo in the Barnstormer.




After all the cars were taken to the top end of the track, the push starts began and never seemed to end. Being a featured car, Ivo was one of the last to come down the fire-up road and make his turn onto the track.



Once he reached his parking spot the potent Chrysler hemi continued to make its music until it ran out of fuel.





Ron Johnson and Tom Ivo were all smiles after a very successful "official debut" Cacklefest.


Joy Riding The Barnstormer

On May 18th, 2013 Ron, Kol and Richard took the Barnstormer to Tucson, AZ. For the Saturday event, the Ron Miller Memorial/Standard 1320 race at Tucson International Drag strip. The event was open to the public but was mostly for the participants. Late in the afternoon, Kol suited up and did a burnout in the Barnstormer. This was Kol’s first time doing a burnout in something other than a Nostalgia Junior Fueler and afterwards, Ron said he did a great job. You can hear the throttle modulation as Kol feathered the throttle.


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